Class Types, Names and Descriptions


Regular Weekly Classes (RWC) – Included in all monthly memberships and Intro Offer; No drop-ins

30-Minute Weekly Classes (30MWC) – Included in all monthly memberships and Intro Offer; No drop-ins

Monthly Classes (MC) – Included in all monthly memberships; No drop-ins

Pop-Up Classes (PC) – Included in all monthly memberships; Yes drop-ins


All Levels Yoga – Come as you are and join your virtual community in an all-levels Hatha yoga practice. (RWC)

Book Discussion Group – Let’s dive together into reading and discussing books that will get us thinking about our impact in the world and how we can continue to evolve on the path to our best self. This is a class with no pressure to hurry up and finish the book. We’ll work through the selection over the course of three months to make participation manageable around other life commitments. (MC, PC)

Community Circle – A space for members to come together in connection and support, work to dissolve separateness, and courageously embrace moving forward in growth together. Safe space will be held for all to speak about what’s on their heart and mind. Class will begin with a check in of each participant and progress to a topic chosen by the group facilitator. Each participant will have the opportunity to speak to and be heard by the group. The use of meditation/visualization and inspirational readings/stories may be utilized to guide the group. This format works best when all participants can be seen and heard. Please come prepared to share and be seen, as well as commit to supporting fellow members with integrity. This includes logging in from a space that is private and quiet. (MC, PC)

Empower Yoga Flow – Not your typical workout yoga class. Move slowly with attention and intention to build heat, strength and openness from a place of self love and self care. (RWC)

Free Tea & Chat with Lori & Sarah – Grab a cup of tea, drop in, ask questions about our offerings, get to know us, chat with other members! It’s a time to connect and explore our virtual community. (PC)

Guided Meditation – With a focus on breath work and imagery, this class will guide and encourage every person toward health, happiness, and peace. This practice is generally done from a comfortable seated position. (30MWC)

Meditative Yoga – Moving into stillness through breathwork, guided meditation, and longer held postures (with suggestions for variations and the support of items you have, such as blankets and pillows), this class will give you the opportunity to nourish your body, mind and heart. (PC)

Restorative Yoga – This practice uses ample props (blankets, pillows, etc.) to support the body in postures that are held for 5-10 minutes. The focus is allowing the body to ease into deep rest with very little sensation in the postures, while quieting the mind through the use of breathing and meditative techniques. This class may incorporate gentle yoga and stretching, and is suitable for all levels of student. (MC, PC)

Very Gentle Yoga – Rest, restore and destress with kind, gentle movement and simple meditation guided techniques (Nidra) to help ground and relax the nervous system, cultivate self-compassion. All levels, no experience needed. (RWC)

Yin Yoga – This style of yoga holds postures for several minutes (usually 3-5) to work on the connective tissue and joints. Postures are mostly from seated, back lying and belly down, and rarely from standing. Combined with a focus on the body’s energy centers (called meridians) and guided meditation, this is a great practice for bringing the body and mind into balance. Class may include some movement in between the held poses. (MC)

Yoga for Transformation – Stillness is an illusion and life is change. In this class, we practice the timeless techniques of asana, meditation and pranayama to explore our own process of transformation. (RWC)

Yoga Nidra – Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation and also known as yogic sleep. The practice, generally done while lying down, helps the body to relax, the mind to calm, and the awareness to turn inward. This practice is deep rest without sleeping, and an excellent form of stress relief. (30MWC, PC)