Use the URL for the PC App or get the Mobile App:

Check out this video on how to create an account →

Step by Step:

  1. For the PC App, use the URL above and go to step 4.
  2. For the Mobile App, click the App Store or Google Play Store image above.
  3. Download the fitDEGREE app.
  4. Search for Our Community Well.
  5. Once you have found your studio, click the logo.
  6. In the studio, click the login button in the top left corner.
  7. Click Create an Account.
  8. Complete the required fields (some give you the option to skip).
  9. Once you click Sign Up, your account has been created.
  10. You will be returned to the Home screen of the app and see a mail icon with a message about verifying your email.
  11. Open your email from fitDEGREE and click on the Verify button in the email.
  12. This will verify your email address and open a screen for you to opt in to email notifications for Live Stream Classes and Registration Confirmation. If you do not opt in for the Live Stream email, you will need to use the the app notifications to get into the class. The Live Stream email link and the app notifications arrive 15 minutes before your registered class begins.
  13. After you have decided on email notifications, you can close the screen. It automatically saves your choices.
  14. Return to your app Home screen. If your email has not been verified, you will not be able to proceed in the app.
  15. Once all of these steps have been completed, you are all set to register!
Unsure on how to use the app? Check out our resource guide for step-by-step instructions and videos to get you started!